Here I finish the summary of my experiences with week 8 of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success programme, which has proved to be the toughest week so far…

When following video 7, the default signup form that John amends doesn’t appear now in Aweber…I think John’s videos were shot in 2014, so it’s not surprising that things have moved on. Also, if you choose one of the black background forms as your popup, as I did, you need to pick a colour scheme for the signup form where the titles ‘Name:’ and ‘Email:’ appear in WHITE (or some other colour that shows up on black).

Unlike John’s popover, which looked great the first time he clicked the preview button, it took me a while to find a form, button and background combination that worked properly, so be prepared to spend a while on this; especially as Aweber seems to delete the background and button links every time you change the signup form to a different one. In the end I was pleased with the result, which you will have seen when you visited my site for the first time, or if more than 7 days have passed since your last visit.

Video 9 was all about adding the follow up messages.  I’d say this was the most time consuming video to follow, because I had to learn how to use Link Supercharger to cloak all the links and change the wording and links on all 10 messages, so that I was happy with the content. This was well worth doing though, for 3 main reasons:

1. The links really do look a lot better once they’ve been cloaked – for example, my uncloaked link to video 1 looks something like this (I’ve changed it slightly for privacy):

wheras my cloaked link looks like this:

2. I found some spelling mistakes in some of the emails, which I was then able to correct

3. Aweber gives all emails a ‘spam rating’, to indicate the chances of your message falling into people’s spam email instead of getting to their inboxes. Before I edited them, several of the emails had a spam rating of around 7.2 (Aweber recommends getting them down to 5 or less). Once I had edited them all, they all had a spam rating of 0 (yes ZERO!).

Finally video 10 was about testing everything. As I write this, I still have the Clickbank warning message come up when I click on one of my links, because I’m still waiting to be whitelisted. Otherwise, everything seems to be working OK.

So at last I’m moving onto product creation. I’m still at week 9 of the programme right now and should be on week 29, so lots of catching up to be done. I’m hoping to be able to come up with a first product I can put together quickly, using some of the PLR content I’ve bought over the years but never used yet.

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    • Your link looks much better when cloaked. Affiliate links look pretty ugly in my opinion when not using something to cloak it. I’m actually in the process of writing my own PLR content for a free funnel. Hope it goes well – finger crossed 🙂

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