It seems that the older one gets, the faster time seems to disappear.

Once again I find myself in November, having come to a disappointing halt, some months ago, with John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Programme.

Recently I’ve been listening to an audiobook in my car called ‘Why We Want You to be Rich’, by Donald Trump and Robert Kyosaki.

Now whether you admire these people or not is irrelevant; I believe that as long as you question everything and pass it through your own filters you can learn great things from anyone – even if that’s how not to be.

One of the things that struck me was when Donald talked about how we might be more careful with our time if we saw it as money. He gave the example of losing $500 if you wasted 15 minutes of your time.

He also mentioned that, very often, lost money can be regained, whereas lost time cannot.

Another comment was to “Be careful of your time and learn to invest it thoughtfully”.

It’s made me think about what I’ve been focussing on. Over the last week I’ve been working on decluttering, in order to get more focussed – and I have to say it seems to be helping. But spending time on things like trying to get rid of a household item for £25, when I’ve been sat on a possible opportunity to claw back most of a £20,000 loss from an investment fraud for over a week, seems like madness when I look at it logically.

That’s because it IS madness, right?

Whilst thinking about this today I realised, to my delight, it was November 1st. What better time to make a fresh start and set myself the challenge of making sure that I do the things that are going to bring me the biggest and best results from using my time.

It’s also the perfect reason to get back to keeping my blog and this website up to date – and to get back with the (Partnership to Success) Programme.

I’ll be keeping this blog updated with my progress.

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