In every internet marketing product or training programme I have ever invested in, there has come a point when the bubble has burst and the ‘magic’, the hope that this would finally be the vehicle to lead me to the wealth and business success I so long for, goes up in a cloud of smoke.

  • In Adam Ginsberg’s ebay course, it was the discovery that the warehouse items available at wholesale prices to sell on ebay were mostly overpriced and poor quality.
  • In Alex Jeffrey’s mentoring programme, it was a comment that they could help me with an idea I had, which never happened.
  • And, on this course, it was coming up with a product idea, then being asked to provide proof that the information it will contain gets results.

There has always been some reason to make me lose heart, give up and move on to the next shiny object of hope.

It’s true that some of these products and programmes have been better than others but, on reflection, the ultimate reason for the failure of any of them to get me where I’ve wanted to go has been the same; and that reason is…


My excuses, my failure to find a way around disappointments and my fear of challenging poor quality or unsatisfactory answers to my questions.

But this time I had reached a tipping point – I wasn’t prepared to give up this time, I wasn’t going to accept failure and I was going to find a way over, under, around or through this obstacle; whatever it was going to take.

The first step was to question the need to provide ‘proof of results’ for a product I hadn’t even started creating, when the whole idea of this programme is to help a newbie create their first product online and promote it, gain sales and therefore provide the proof of results for the next product.

So I emailed my concerns to Randy and John and was able to schedule a call in with John but; due to John having internet problems; I only got to speak with Randy on this occasion. Randy made three points that helped me a little:

  1. I didn’t have to provide proof of results; but if I could, it was likely my product launch would be way more successful than if I didn’t.
  2. The results didn’t have to be financial – they could be things like increased website traffic, or people being added to my list.
  3. The results didn’t have to be huge; in fact for a newbie looking to buy, smaller results would appear more achieveable and real.

I’m not going to lie – I was still disappointed; all of the momentum I had to fly through the programme and get it finished before my year’s mentoring was up in July 2017 was gone. Randy confirmed that they would still honour my first product launch; then, if I wanted to upgrade my mentoring membership so that they promoted future products of mine, I could.

So I feel there’s a gap in the programme; a gap that feels more like a hole a newbie can fall down, which I feel should be filled by at least one ‘learn/apply/teach’ video, pointing out why results are important, explaining the 3 points I’ve mentioned and explaining that you need to:

  • Research free and paid info in your chosen niche
  • Apply some of that information
  • Get some results
  • Track your progress carefully, noting what worked really well, what worked OK and what didn’t work at all.
  • Use your results and findings when you create your own product and its sales letter.

It’s taken me a good couple of months to get my head around this disappointment; but when I finally did start to work on this programme again, with the determination to see it through no matter what, something amazing happened.

Read part 2 to find out what.

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    • Wow Paul, great article. I have experienced and most likely everyone has with offers and them not doing as they promised. So it worries me that I will end up in a similar situation to you. Thanks for sharing and look forward to part 2!

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