So here I am on phase 2 of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program – product creation.

This week was all about coming up with ideas for a niche, by considering the following:

  • All my blog topics so far
  • 10 things I think I’m good at
  • 10 things other people tell me I’m good at
  • 10 things I enjoy doing
  • 10 of my favourite websites
  • 10 topics I’m interested in but know little about

For the 10 things other people tell me I’m good at, I went to Facebook and surveyed my friends; this was certainly a ‘feel good exercise’, as the feedback was very complimentary – however, I was mainly given general traits, such as ‘listening’ and ‘patience’ – not really skills I could bace a product on. Maybe I should have asked a better question?

I struggled to come up with 10 favourite websites so, instead, I looked at my email subscriptions to guide me to the topics I was clearly most interested in.

Even though I am behind in my weeks and super keen to catch up, I deliberately didn’t rush this exercise; because I wanted time for my subconscious mind to come up with as many ideas as possible…and here are the results of my musings:


  1. Computer training / troubleshooting (sub niche – older users)
  2. Repurposing content (PLR / Public domain)
  3. Copywriting
  4. Guitar
  5. Finding / using public domain software
  6. Personal development (time management / mindset)
  7. Investing (paid membership site?)
  8. Creating / selling software products
  9. Creating video courses
  10. Public speaking at events (public speaking for profit)


  1. Content creation (for membership sites?)
  2. Growing your business through passive income (including list building)
  3. Ebook / Kindle book publishing
  4. Joint venturing for fun and profit
  5. Using the internet to save money
  6. Affiliate marketing (via product reviews / paid membership sites – think Which? magazine)
  7. Getting things done / getting organised
  8. 4th Dimension / spiritual – manifesting the life you desire
  9. Selling physical products online
  10. Outsourcing to save time and make money

It will be interested to see where this information leads…it’s all a bit confusing right now; so I’m telling myself to just trust the process and all will become clear in future weeks. Let’s hope I’m right!

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