A tough ‘week’ this one but a very rewarding one. John mentioned there would be ‘a few tricky bits’…I’d say that was quite an understatement; especially if you’re not that technical.

To be fair, he did follow this up by stressing ‘If you can get through this week you can get through anything’ and suggested going to the Facegroup group for help if needed; something I didn’t have to do in the end but still a good idea.

I applied to be whitelisted by Clickbank on Thursday; it’s now Saturday and it hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll be following up on this on Tuesday if no response.

The first real hurdle for me came at Video 3, when I went to set up Link Supercharger and found I had to use an ftp client to do it.  This is where a non-technical newbie can really come unstuck; and my advice to them would be to contact their hosting provider if they get stuck.

If you’re a newbie following this programme, there’s a good chance you’ve gone with D9, like I did, for your hosting. If so, I have posted a link below to their help video on how to access your files using Filezilla (the software I use, and it’s free). So:

STEP1 – download and install Filezilla from HERE. On the page, choose the CLIENT to download, not the server.

STEP2 – if you are with D9 watch this voiceless video on how to use Filezilla (if you’re not with D9, get help from the company you’ve chosen to host your website).

STEP3 – once you can access your files using Filezilla, scroll down and watch the install video on the Link Supercharger sales page.

If you’re using Google Chrome and don’t see the flash videos, this video should help you access them (Click on the square icon on the video to view it full screen)

The next place I got into difficulty was on video 5, where John uses Aweber to create a popover ad for his website. I thought I’d been clever, back in week 3, by using Mailchimp (free to use for up to 500 subscribers) instead of Aweber. BUT, at video 5 I realised that trying to recreate in Mailchimp what John was doing in Aweber was going to be a MASSIVE headache. Plus, it turns out that if you want to create popup ads in Mailchimp, you have to upgrade to a paid version…another reason to go with Aweber instead.

So I ended up subscribing to Aweber, then I had to re-do the list I created in week 3 and link that to my blog’s opt-in form instead of Mailchimp; but at least now I could follow John’s instructions for creating the new popover ad in Aweber.

But the challenges for this week didn’t end there. Check out Part 2 to read on…

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