It’s great to be back making progress on this Programme again.

I was thrown by the fact that my Google Adsense application was rejected; then, after some digging, I was able to work out that this was because I had already been approved by Adsense nearly 2 years ago; but for a different email address.

Sadly, Adsense appers to be one of those sites where you can’t get to talk to another human being; nor is there a chat facility, which is frustrating when all you want is for someone to help you sort things out immediately.

Anyway, more by luck than judgement, I discovered that Adsense approval is only required once; even if you use ads on a different web address to the one you applied with; and by clearing the cache in my Google browser, logging out of all Google accounts, then logging into adsense via my business Google account I was able to log in to adsense – result!

Following John’s video instuctions I have now been able to place Adsense ads on this website – and have added one to this post for practice.

I did find, after following John’s video about adding advanced ads to your blog, that all my ads disappeared! It took me a while to realise that, having chosen to stick with basic ads, I had to reselect and save that option on the GARD plugin before my ads started appearing again.

Although advanced ads would allow me to track their effectiveness I think they would take up too much of my time right now; in any case the basic ones seem to be good enough for John so, for now at least, they’re good enough for me.

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