Garfield with Homework BooksHaving surprised myself over the last couple of weeks by actually managing to choose a niche which I’m excited about and appers to be popular, this week’s training took my mental battles to a whole new level.  By this I’m mainly talking about dealing with overwhelm and overcoming my doubts about my ability to be able to produce something that other people will want to buy.

I have to say that reading the first part of Paula Brett’s ‘Operation eBook’ as part of this week’s task was a great help. It looks at many of the doubts and fears people have about writing content and offered the encouragement and motivation to help me believe I can succeed.

I had to be careful with this task and I’m glad I set myself a deadline of just a few days to do it; otherwise I could have very easily used it as an excuse to procrastinate and not move on with the program. I’ve bought a few products, made a lot of notes and come up with a ton of ideas and am ready to move on, even though I don’t feel I have all the answers right now, and even though I haven’t thoroughly read through all the research items I’ve gathered.

I feel this is the right way to go if I’m going to get through this programme. I can hear phrases ringing in my head, such as “don’t get it perfect, get it done” and “you only get paid for done”. I just feel that, even if I have to do a load of rewriting before my product is ready to launch, I have to push through and produce something.

When John Thornhill mentioned in his video that this was his favourite part of the product creation process I was thinking “well it’s not mine, I’m dreading it”; but as I came across more materials, saw what people’s problems I could solve and saw how getting great at this subject would help my own success, I did actually begin to enjoy it.

So now that I’ve managed to get over yet another hurdle I’m gaining a little more confidence in my ability to succeed. Previously I’ve dreaded each new stage in a program, just waiting to hit the ‘wall’ I wouldn’t be able to get through. Now at least, even though I’m kind of expecting a wall, I’m expecting it to be smaller and thinner…and the hammer of confidence I’m carrying is getting bigger 🙂

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    • I read your blog and see that the same problems you have had, are afflicting my progress and attitude, and I have allowed myself to backslide and lose touch with the course.
      There is however good news, at least from my point of view, I am getting back on track and slowly making up for lost time. Thanks for the boost…………Bill

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