Some of the biggest hurdles to becoming wealthy are down to incorrect beliefs about money and success.

Here are 3 common ones:

I won’t make any money selling (product/service) because it’s already been done / everybody’s doing it

This is a classic excuse people use to not give self employment a go or, even worse, to crush a friend or family member’s dream all in the name of ‘protecting them from making a big mistake’.

Consider these points:

1) If ‘everybody’s doing it, then why not you as well? and

2) If nobody’s doing it, chances are that’s because there’s no demand for it and therefore no money in it.

This week the Sun newspaper included a free magazine by a man called Joe Wicks. Two months ago I’d never heard of him; and now he’s all over the internet.

What is he selling? – information on how to diet and exercise. Has he discovered some amazing new exercises or superfoods which help you to shift 20 stone in 5 minutes? Nope.

All he’s done is taken information that’s already out there and repackaged it; and now he’s famous and worth a fortune.

If everybody’s doing it, there’s money in the pot to be had – and if it’s already been done so what? People like choices, so give them another one, a better one; and you just might become the next Joe Wicks.


I need to keep my prices low, otherwise people won’t buy my products / services

I’ve just been listening to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2, where they are currently offering auction packages to raise money for Children in Need. One of the auction items is to hire out the band Take That for the day.

When I turned off the radio about 20 minutes ago, two people were locked in a bidding war for this item. The highest bid at that moment was £400,000 (yes, Four Hundred Thousand Pounds!).

It’s probably gone up since then – and every time it goes up, the bid increases by £50,000.

Other events were being auctioned, with many bids already in the £20,000 to £30,000 range.

Let’s think about this – these people are willing to spend tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds on an event – not even something they can keep and use.

There are plenty of people in the world with money…more money that they need or can easily spend, who are looking for things to spend it on – and may be willing to spend it with you just because they like you or believe in what you’re doing. You get a following, your name becomes your brand and, all of a sudden, boom! – people are paying crazy money for an everyday item just because it’s got your name on it.

Which leads to…


I would never be lucky enough to become really rich or successful.

How many times have you heard someone say something like “the only way I’ll ever get to do that is if I win the lottery”…

…or maybe you’ve said something similar yourself?

There is a quote that says “Luck is where Preparation meets Opportunity”, but I believe a more accurate quote would be “The chances of good luck are greatly increased when preparation meets opportunity”

Consider this: the chances of all 6 numbers coming up for you in the UK National Lottery is just under 1 in 14 million, whereas the chances of you dating a millionaire is only 1 in 215.

Now if you happened to be single and someone asked you on a date and they happened to be a millionaire, that would be good luck.

But if you were to arrange up to 215 dates knowing that, statistically, one of those dates would be with a millionaire, then you are increasing your chances of success every time you take action and go on another date.

When people get that ‘lucky break’ to become successful you will generally find that they have greatly increased their chances by actively seeking out opportunities and preparing themselves for them. Read some biographies of famous people and you’ll usually read about all the hours of practice and all the failures they went through before becoming an ‘overnight’ success.  Just look at all the celebrities today who were ‘discovered’ after being on a TV talent show. But that’s not where their journey started; they had already developed their skills so that, when the opportunity presented itself, they had the raw talent and confidence to put themselves forward.

So find your passion and work at it; then look for the opportunities to make yourself and your product or service known to others. Do this and you’ll be surprised just how much ‘luckier’ you’ll get!

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