OK so I’ve now completed Week 4 of the Partnership to Success Programme, which has been all about linking my website to my social media sites.

This was a pretty quick win for me; for a start I already had Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts set up, so no extra time spent doing that.  I did change the web links to those sites where I could, to make them more user friendly – but I didn’t really need to, because they were being linked to buttons on my website which would take users straight to them anyway.

Luckily for me the bonus pack of social media icons that John provided were spot on for my black and white themed site, so they look great.

Another task he went through was redirecting the .com domain so that if anyone typed in www.paul-hutchings.com it would automatically send them to www.paul-hutchings.com/blog. This will be temporary, because the .com address will be used for something else later, but it makes things cleaner for now.

Still plenty of catching up to do (technically I’m 10 weeks behind). I now need to make sure I have at least 10 blog posts before I move on to the next lesson. This is number five, so I’ve got some work to do!








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