Week 1 – Back to Basics

Well here I am, having finally completed week 1 of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success programme.

This is not the first ‘internet marketing from scratch’ guide that I’ve tried to follow; but hopefully it will be the last.

Many people ‘have a go’ at systems for a while, then give up, complaining that they don’t work; but that doesn’t explain how they do work for some and not others.

In my experience it’s usually not the system that didn’t work that was the issue – the issue was me not working the system.

Week 1 of this programme seemed straightforward enough; register a domain name, arrange hosting, set up a blog and write your first post. But, as usual with me, a million questions flooded into my brain to help complicate what should have been very simple – things like:

  • I already have a blog – should I start again witrh a new domain name?
  • I already have hosting – should I go with John’s recommended provider to make following his course easier?
  • What about adding Google Analytics to my blog so I can track visitors to my site and capture valuable data?
  • Should I set up another email account just for Partnership to Success stuff?

Well in the end I decided to go with John’s provider and start my blog from scratch, so that following along should be easier. I have added Google Analytics to the site but I haven’t optimised it yet; but then I don’t have any traffic worth measuring yet either – so that job can wait.

It’s not been easy to reign myself in, when I know I have more than a basic knowledge of blogging; but I feel it’s important not to race ahead to stuff that will probably be covered in the coming weeks.

Hopefully that will help me keep going; I’m determined to see this Programme through.

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