As my website header says, I am an author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.

Of course who we are is not just what we do, but those are the things I spend a lot of my time on because I love doing them; so they are a big part of who I am.

I have enjoyed a colourful career already; I’ve worked as a banker, a dental administrator, a face to face trainer and an online trainer. I’ve also been a perfume salesman and helped run a newspaper shop!

Now I’m delighted to be self-employed, working with people who need help and training with their computers, phones and tablets.

For a while I only did this locally, but it was driving me crazy because I really wanted to help so many more people; thousands more – and all over the world. So now I’m using the wonderful invention of the internet to reach those people…

…and not just with computer help.

I believe that life is a journey we should all be helping each other to make the most of, by sharing the best of what we’ve learned from our own studies and experiences in all areas of our lives.

There is always something we can learn from everyone else; and always something they can learn from us.

I hope you will find some of the knowledge I share to be of value to you.