OK now I feel I’m starting to get somewhere, after yesterday finally managing to complete my tenth blog post for this site. I quite like writing, but only when it flows well; otherwise it feels a bit like trying to walk up a hill through treacle.

This week’s Partnership to Success tasks (which I completed within about an hour) involved adding a widget to my blog, which automatically displays a random selection of links to the blogs of other people on this programme. The idea of this is for us to visit each other’s blogs, comment on some of the posts there and generate traffic to our sites.

Still no mention of Google Analytics from John, so I’m wondering when, or if, he will cover this.

I’ve applied for Google Adsense today; not sure how long it takes them to review an application but it seems pointless to move on to the next week of the programme until I know my fate.

I had a bit of trouble accessing the forum to add my blog details there – John’s training didn’t mention the password needed to access the forum (which I managed to find on another part of the training website). He also didn’t cover how to add a web link to a forum post, which I managed to work out, but a complete newbie would have probably struggled with.

This is an excellent programme and I’m very much enjoying the journey – however it’s very easy for a newbie to be put off by the smallest of difficulties; so when there is contadiction or missing or out of date information it’s very possible to lose people to the next shiny object that comes their way.

My advice to myself, as well as to any newbies out there, would be to stick with it and use the forum and support desk (or even try calling John) if you run into difficulties. You can overcome them and you can finish this programme!

Blog post 11 complete! Now I’m off to visit some partner blogs, from the links showing on mine, and make a few comments. Hopefully some of those people will visit my blog in return.

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